Simple, Convenient, and Reliable.

drop Self-Collection Health Screening Kit helps you to understand your lab result to learn more about your personal health in order to improve or stay within your own limits.

All results are reviewed by board certified physician within your state of residence prior to release. For results requiring immediate attention, the physician will contact you directly to discuss your results.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps.

Order Your Test:

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Your test collection kit is shipped directly to your door. You will receive an email with the tracking number immediately upon shipping.

Collect & Send:

Collect a sample in comfort and privacy of your home.  Please note some tests require 12hour overnight fasting for best results. CoreMedica makes it simple by allowing you to fast overnight and collecting your samples first thing in the morning so you can start day with the energy from your favorite food and beverage.  You will receive immediate notification when you sample is delivered to the laboratory.

View Results:

Your results are physician reviewed prior to releasee. You will receive immediate notification when your results are ready for your review in a secure portal and available anytime and anywhere.