About drop Kits

What’s In Your Blood?

We envision a world where we can empower self-care to better our own health.
Our mission is to help connect people with their blood in an effort to prevent disease.

drop™ convenient self-collection kits are a cost-effective alternative for specimen collection. The test kit will be shipped to your home and contains all the items required to collect, prepare, and mail your self-collected dried blood specimen to the laboratory. drop™ has developed revolutionary blood collection methods that uses only 4 drops of blood, separates the blood components, and can be completed in about 10 minutes in the privacy of your own home.

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Know Your Numbers

Heart Health

Cholesterol (Lipids)


Vitamin D



Important Blood Collection Information

Improper collection of blood specimens may affect laboratory results. Carefully read and follow the collection instructions. Persons with hemophilia or anti-coagulation therapy should consult a licensed physician or healthcare professional before using this kit.

Physician Review

All results are review by a licensed physician in your state prior to release. Urgent issues are uncommon with wellness testing. However, based on medical judgment and standard protocols, a physician will communicate directly with the user regarding what a concerning result is and the most appropriate intervention.