Thyroid Screening Kit


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Mood and metabolism can be closely tied to your thyroid. Knowing how your thyroid is functioning can be a start to improving your overall health. Our simple at-home thyroid test kit will screen if your thyroid is functioning correctly by checking your levels of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone).

  • Test Panel includes Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Collection is Performed With a Simple Finger Stick in the Privacy of Your Own Home
  • Results Available Online Approximately 1 to 4 Business Days after Receipt of Sample at the Lab
  • No Additional Lab or Shipping Fees
  • All results are review by a licensed physician in your state prior to release. Urgent issues are uncommon with wellness testing. However, based on medical judgment and standard protocols, a physician will communicate directly with the user regarding what a concerning result is and the most appropriate intervention.
  • Collection Instructions (PDF)
  • Watch our Instructional Self-Collection Video


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